Well, I spent most of my Saturday in Troy, MI yesterday, where I spent time at a Senior Fair.  There, I met with both seniors and other providers of information and services.  They included hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, insurance companies, and elder care lawyers, to name a few.

I didn’t plan on attending at first, but was curious, and wanted to meet the providers.  I talked to almost every one of them (not the insurance companies).  Their conclusion:  100% of them said that their clients, as a whole, didn’t understand Medicare.  Period.  There was not a single provider of services that said their patients or clients understood Medicare. 
This was not news to me.  If you want to know why I wrote the book, that’s why. I told the elder care lawyer:  if your clients don’t understand Medicare, then they may not need a lawyer to protect assets.  
Further information can be found on the official website: https://maximizeyourmedicare.com