Medicare and You, Medicare For Dummies, etc:  All INADEQUATE
Factually, the information on advertisements, and publications from the government is technically correct.  I am not going to debate that with you.  However, Maximize Your Medicare describes what isn’t explicitly stated, but is still true.  There is a reason that the saying “The devil is in the details” hasn’t died an early death.  Nothing could be more true when it comes to Medicare.

Example: Medicare-allowed Charge
Take out your adverstisements, and take out the manuals that the government has sent you.  Look for this term.  Can’t find it?  Exactly.  The Medicare-allowed charge is the amount that Medicare will pay to a medical provider for a given service.  Under every Medicare Advantage plan, any amount above this amount will represent an out-of-pocket charge to you, and is not part of the annual out-of-pocket limit as stated in the Medicare Advantage cost sharing agreement.  How this can negatively surprise you is explained in Maximize Your Medicare.

Are You a Chess Grandmaster?
Many people know that chess is a complicated game.  Many people know how the chess pieces are allowed to move.  The same can be applied to Medicare.  Let’s say that you know how the pieces move:  are you now a chess grandmaster?  Just because you know enrollment dates doesn’t, by itself, protect you.  They are a starting point, much like knowing how chess pieces are allowed to move.  Maximize Your Medicare explains the rules, AND the approach that can work for you, to help protect you, and save you money, if medical services are required. 

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