“You Can’t Sue Me for Misinformation.  I Haven’t Provided Any Information.”
This is the truth.  It is quite disheartening to read Twitter, receive advertisements in the mail, and watch the TV commercials. What is being said on the TV and in the written advertisements in the mail is factually correct.  And is woefully flawed.

Q:  “Why Didn’t You Tell Me?”  A:  “You Didn’t Ask.”
Also true.  The problem is that written advertisements are vetted by the Medicare system.  They have to be approved in order to be sent by insurance companies.  However, the only real way to understand how Medigap and Medicare Advantage work is to go through examples and real-life situations.  That can include circumstances that you did not anticipate, but can (and will) occur.

Maximize Your Medicare Introduces “This Happens”
Maximize Your Medicare goes through the exercise for you.  It points out circumstances, and situations that I have faced myself when explaining Medicare to people.  I have had to react, and adjust my explanation so that people from a variety of economic backgrounds and personal beliefs can understand.  Not all people react the same to the same set of facts, and not all people are willing/able to pay for complete coverage.  Maximize Your Medicare starts with the base case, but with the idea that “all else equal” may not apply to you, and makes recommendations that you can use.

$9.99?  You will save that every year.
The book cannot possibly go through every conceivable combination of money, values, employment history, and health situation.  Impossible.  However, I am more than certain that you will be able to find the purchase price’s savings in the book.  Zero doubt. My covenant with you: you keep the receipt of your purchase of the book, and if you have a problem that cannot be explained in the book, then you can contact me directly, and I will assist you in finding the answer.  I won’t be selling you anything because I am not necessarily authorized to do so in your location.  Your part of this deal?  One copy of Maximize Your Medicare.

Further information can be found on the official website: https://maximizeyourmedicare.com