Tweets Like This Do More Harm Than Good
Disclaimer:  I support Twitter and use it actively.
Tweets like this can be found everywhere. Virginia seniors get full coverage #Medicare ala $59.95/mo @MedicareWire #UHC #aarp Check out this post
First, it is NOT TRUE.  This ad leads to a policy which does not provide full coverage.  Not even close.  Second, tweets such as this may lead Medicare beneficiaries to believe that this is the correct price for the market, and these messages set unrealistic expectations.
“Hey wait, I saw on the internet that full coverage costs only $xx.xx a month.”
Now, the cycle of unrealistic expectations, suspicion of insurance companies, and distrust of Medicare begins.  That is decidedly negative.
Maximize Your Medicare Isn’t Free, and Shouldn’t Be
You know the phrase “You get what you pay for?”  The problem with free information is that it places no responsibility on those that provide the information to you.  That is a statement in the defense of licensed agents.  There is a reason for them: regulations govern their activities, and the penalties are severe.  If you are misinformed (and can prove it), you may be able to appeal and change your Medicare option.  Maximize Your Medicare is designed so that you are informed, and can identify the traps of misleading tweets, and weaknesses in the “free” information available.  
Further information can be found on the official website: