The Insurance Value of Medicare: New article by Professors

This Short Article Tells the Tale

Professors Baicker and Levy published this short article in the New England Journal of Medicine.  For those that do not know, the New England Journal of Medicine is one of the nation’s most prestigious.  The authors won’t necessarily tell you this, so I just did.  
Original Medicare = Out of Pocket Costs 
The article points out that Medicare, in its original state, can result in substantial out of pocket expenses.  In addition, it points out that the Medicare system is under stress, and that this will continue due to increasing longevity.  Technological and medical advances have made this a virtual certainty.
Maximize Your Medicare Fits the Pieces For You
The point of Maximize Your Medicare is to explain what you can DO, how you can do it, and when, because I agree 100% with the article from the NE Journal of Medicine.  We do not approach the topic from the same perspective, but the conclusion is the same.  For Medicare beneficiaries that are “hoping” for the Medicare system to improve, that conclusion is inconsistent with demographic, fiscal, and technological facts.  The authors point this out clearly.  
Further information can be found on the official website: https://mym.test

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