Annual Enrollment is Occurring at Employers

From now through the middle of December, employers have been sending out health benefit prices and alternatives to both active and retired employees.  Unfortunately, the calendars being provided require some thought under duress, because there isn’t much time to decide.  For many Medicare beneficiaries, this means just staying with the existing plan.  That is not a very good idea.
Group Benefits Getting Weaker
Almost certainly, the book which describes the benefits for 2013 are weaker, either because the price is higher, or the coverage isn’t as good as it was in the past.  Maybe you will shrug your shoulders, and just say “That’s the way it is.”  Maybe this is correct.  BUT, maybe not.  Medicare beneficiaries should check their actual schedule of benefits and compare it to the plans in the private market (Medicare Advantage / Medigap).
Maximize Your Medicare Shows You How
Maximize Your Medicare goes through the steps of how to understand the benefits provided by your employer.  It illustrates examples of how retirees should look at the private market, and compare for themselves.  In addition, it also illustrates the consequences when you do not consciously think about the matter.  No one will do this for you: not the human resources department, and not your ex-colleagues from work.  Maximize Your Medicare will inform you on how to approach your individual situation.
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