Even in the Best Case, Medicare Will Probably Get Weaker

As reported in Kaiser Health News here , there are a number of ways that the Medicare system can change given the negotiations around the “fiscal cliff.”  None of them seem to be positive.  This is the fiscal reality in which we all live.  Lower payments to providers (physicians, hospitals), higher Medicare eligibility age, and weakening Medigap benefits are some of the ideas that the article mentions.

Maximize Your Medicare Prepares You
We cannot predict the changes that will occur.  We cannot directly control Medicare policy.  Maximize Your Medicare helps prepare you for what can happen, and how you can think about this today.  What we can do is to plan appropriately, given the rules that we are given.  Maximize Your Medicare is written with this in mind, so that you will know how to adjust your benefits plan to fit the changing landscape.
Further information can be found on the official website: https://maximizeyourmedicare.com