Why “Quick Guides,” “Idiot’s Guides” Don’t Work For Medicare

Maximize Your Medicare is Not a Glorified Ad
Simply put yourself in my place: I am not allowed by law to offer a product to readers through this book. One needs to consider the writer/sponsor of a publication, which may be an advertisement disguised as an information guide. You may have received pamphlets, and they are not necessarily factually incorrect, but they are not necessarily complete, either.

Seniors are confused, NOT “Dummies” or “Complete Idiots”
I think that titles like “Complete Idiot’s Guide….” or “…for Dummies” are insulting. In Maximize Your Medicare, jargon is explained in plain-spoken English, even though I am academically and professionally qualified to speak in jargon. “Quick” guides can’t work, and the stakes for Medicare-eligible persons is way too high for me to simply say “do this,” or “do that.”  People’s situations are different, and must be thought through independently. Real-life examples called “This Happens” provide illustrations of what has happened to others.

Further information can be found on the official website: https://mym.test

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