Use the Website is the official Medicare website.  You need to check your Part D plan every year.  Sounds like a pain?  Maybe.  Worth it?  Almost certainly.  The fact is that the plans change every year, and the anecdotal evidence is that the best plan in 2012 is not the best plan in 2013.  Why is that?

In One Word, Competition
In most states, there are many 10s of Part D plans available.  They are competing among each other.  The companies that offer these plans have made or lost money, among a particular set of enrollees.  The insurance companies have made or lost money, on particular medications.  They make adjustments, as allowed by the Medicare system.  It is logical that they do so.
The issue is that the best plan for you will most likely change.  Period.  In some cases, this can be 100s of dollars throughout the year.

Some people may think that it isn’t worth it.  Let me suggest an alternative: save the money, and donate the savings to a charity of your choice.  It is better than paying an excessive amount to a party to which you have no affiliation.

Maximize Your Medicare: Understanding Medicare, Protecting Your Health, and Minimizing Costs has these types of hints, and the rationale.   It is almost a certainty that this one post has saved you the purchase price of the book, $7.99 until December 7th for the ebook version, and there are many, many more included in the book.

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