Maximize Your Medicare Android App

We All Need to Help the Seniors in Our Lives

Your parents are more confused and worried than they are telling you.  Ask the billing office of almost any medical provider; I GUARANTEE that they will say that patients do not understand how Medicare works.  Now, on Google Play (and soon on Amazon Appstore), Maximize Your Medicare is an Android app that costs only $0.99.
You Enter Info, You Get Answers and Suggestions
Anyone can use the app.  You enter your date of birth, and you will get the vital information: important dates, and when you need to enroll.  You answer some specific questions.  You can a list of important factors to consider.  You can also directly to the offical Medicare site to make a selection if you would like.
Written For Those That Have a Senior in His/Her Life
Parent, aunt/uncle, grandparent: we all know someone whose life is affected by Medicare.  If you don’t know, that is because you have not asked.  Go to McDonald’s sometime, and eat there for 45 minutes.  It is a certainty that seniors there are talking about health and health insurance.
Help Your Senior Age Gracefully
Maximize Your Medicare, the book and the app, have this goal in mind.  We cannot control everything.  The politics, the fiscal backdrop, and the demographic reality are beyond any single person’s control.  Maximize Your Medicare allows the senior in your life gain control of the things that he/she can, and not be worried due to the fact they are confused.  Small price to pay: $0.99 for the app to get started down that path.
Further information can be found on the official website: https://mym.test

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