Aging Gracefully is Difficult for Them…and You
Watching your senior parent age is not easy.  For the senior parent, he/she faces gradually (or quickly) increasing symptoms: lower energy, and illness.  Your parent may share these thoughts with you, many do not.  You, the adult child, watch the parent that raised and loved you deteriorate, both physically and in some cases, mentally.  Every case is different, but they are all the same. It isn’t easy for either of you.

Practical Problems Follow
Your senior parent will require varying levels of assistance.  Sometimes, your parent will have her spouse to take her to the doctor’s office.  Sometimes, your parent will have all her financial matters in updated, correct working order. Sometimes, your parent will share this information with you.

Sometimes, however, this is not the case, and as the aging process continues, you may feel the increasing responsibility for your aging parent.

Maximize Your Medicare is One Piece
No single source can be the “one answer.”  However, Maximize Your Medicare is a starting point for those of us in the “sandwich generation.”  We need to know about the greatest source of worry for our senior parent: his/her health.  Who does your parent see when sick?  How do the bills get paid?  Does she have coverage to pay for these mounting expenses?  Maybe your parent knows all the details, and maybe your parent has shared these details with you.  Maybe, just maybe, you have listened and fully understood all of the details.

Most of the time, we don’t know important details about how our senior parent is configured to take care of medical matters if required. Maximize Your Medicare is a book written in plain-spoken English that everyone can understand.

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