No, I am not writing another book (yet)
Maximize Your Medicare is doing well, all things considered.  It is consistently within the top 3 of print books and the same for the ebook version (as demonstrated on  It needs help to reach a larger audience.  You can read about me, and see that I am not a writer by training, which means that I knew nothing about the book publishing business. You can thank good fortune for that, because if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have even started this book.  While I knew that the information in the book does not exist in the market in the manner that I present it, it is the result of the responses received that further outreach to a wider audience is required.

Funds Needed for Translation and Further Outreach
Small communities everywhere, regardless of economic status, can use a $10 book that clearly explains Medicare.  In financially disadvantaged areas, there is advice in the book that can them those people that need the information the most.  What you may not realize is that if the underprivileged do not know, and medical bills are left unpaid, the feedback effect affects everyone.  Let’s leave the sermonizing to the side. Think of the real estate foreclosure in your neighborhood, and it effect on the price of your home: this type of feedback effect is everywhere, not only with those that cannot pay medical bills.  Bottom line: the book has only scratched the surface in its potential to you, your family, someone you know, and communities everywhere.

Indiegogo is a fund-raising platform.  I have begun a campaign which will last for 45 days.  The goal is $10,000, which is nowhere near enough: it will only be enough to begin two basic steps, translation into Spanish, and outreach to communities everywhere.  Click here to see the campaign.

What I Would Ask
Before contributing, I would ask: if the book is a top-selling book in the category, then why do you need to raise funds?  Answer: $10,000 is nowhere near enough to fulfill both objectives.  You have vastly underestimated the cost of outreach.  You think that word-of-mouth works?  It does.  It doesn’t work in the size or scope required.  You think that advertising and production can be easily handled?  Answer: a banner in a major newspaper would cost well over a thousand dollars for a single week. One newspaper, one week.

Special Offers on Indiegogo
In addition to the signed copies, free ebook subscriptions (including updated), there are offers for larger groups.  For example, you can get a personal consultation with me.  You buy the book, read it, and still may have questions.  You can ask me directly on the phone or Skype.  For larger groups, there are presentations such as live webinars, where I will explain Medicare, and then take questions from attendees.

Further information can be found on the official website: