Free Offer for Independent Bookstores
You can get a FREE store copy of Maximize Your Medicare, and allow customers to take the book to the counter and order it (available through the largest distributors on a non-refundable basis).  All you need to do is to send me an email directly at jae [at] maximizeyourmedicare [dot] com. You don’t need to pay a dime. I am even paying for shipping. You will simply put a big sticker, “Store Copy. See counter to purchase a copy.” Maybe you will need to put a tag because otherwise your copy may disappear….
By the way, the financial reality is that your economics are better this way when compared to consignment agreements.  You can do the math yourselves (order at wholesale and sell vs consignment split). It could not be more obvious.

Top-Rated, Top-Selling Maximize Your Medicare
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Here is a partial list: Washington DC, San Francisco, Phoenix, Ann Arbor MI, Greenwich CT, Westchester County NY, Hennepin County MN (Minneapolis), Milwaukee WI, Irving TX, et al.

Why Am I Offering This?
If you are an independent bookstore, then you have given self-published authors the standard reasons for not carrying self-published books. Some of these reasons are decent: limited floor space, for example. Some books don’t sell, that is undoubtedly true. All of these reasons, however, are dominated by one central fact: is threatening the entire industry, and has torn down some of the age-old reasons that don’t make logical sense. If you think that this is going to stop soon, think again: Kindle sales this month are 1/3 of the book’s total unit sales. My offer answers the majority of independent bookstores’ objections and serves my purpose of wider distribution. The non-bookstore retailer (Wal-Mart, Target) will have to wait.

Book Publishing Industry “Profoundly Irrational”
Those are the words of a person with experience in the industry, and now a person involved in The rationale I have read regarding why traditional publishing should be pursued by authors, and should be used for distribution are being overwhelmed by’s simple, obvious logic: make it available to the widest range of people possible as conveniently as possible. doesn’t physically stock my book: they are the same as you. If you accept my offer, then you have the advantage because you will have a physical copy.  That, cannot replicate.

Tell Your Local Independent Bookstore About This Offer
Otherwise, I may have to sell out, and attempt to publish the book with a traditional publisher. Can I list the negatives? Medicare will change and issues will emerge. The process of reviving the book with current cost sharing and up-to-date changes are virtually impossible under the existing publishing cycle. That means that the “new” edition would most likely be obsolete when published, OR the new edition would be published too late for the Medicare annual calendar (October 15-December 7). That, of course, would make the book much less useful to the vast number of Medicare beneficiaries. How big is that number? Approximately 4,000,000 will turn 65 this year alone. Those people have family members: spouses and adult-age children, many who are involved, whether they would like to be, or not. Medicare is a difficult subject for a variety of reasons that we cannot control. Maximize Your Medicare is written for those to control the factors that you can.

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