Senior Parents Need Your Help
Adult-age children, part of the “Sandwich Generation” may raise children, and then have to become a parent for their own parents. Sometimes, the natural aging prices is quick and painless. However, it is very likely that as your senior parent weakens, the ability to understand financial and health matter also deteriorates. When that happens, the adult-age child may need to help, either by choice, or not. The starting point? Medicare.

Good Luck Sorting Through the “Information”
If you find yourself in this situation, you will find a MOUNTAIN of random bits of information. You will be faced with attempting to figure out how the pieces work, and how they fit together. Even the terminology that you have heard may differ from the meaning you are accustomed to. The information from insurance companies will be accurate, because it is highly regulated. That said, it may present complicated scenarios.

Maximize Your Medicare Can Help
No single book can describe every potential situation. The actual number is uncountable. However, “This Happens” are presented as practical situations which your parent may face. You may be able to identify factors that require further consideration as you try to help your senior parent. Caregivers: you are in the same situation, a fact that you know.

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