Monday, August 29th, 11:00AM (EST)
Some people would rather have a verbal explanation, because a book may create followup questions. Some people don’t know where to begin to ask. I wrote Maximize Your Medicare to address this, and the audience is enormous: more than 9,000 will turn 65 everyday in the United States. This will continue for most of the next 2 decades.
You Can Ask Me Questions LIVE
I will go through Medicare and explain its components. I will explain how it differs from health insurance that many have been used to. I have done so at libraries, senior centers, and on talk radio shows. I have heard and seen the level of uncertainty on people’s faces and in their voices. Adult-age children need to have this information: you get pulled into the situation, and usually (unfortunately), under unfavorable circumstances. Caregivers face questions continuously regarding what Medicare covers, and what it does not.
Money Back Guaranteed
At $3.99, it is inconceivable (to me, I am biased) that you will not get your money back. There will be information that is not widely known, until it may be too late. Frequently, this could have been avoided. In any case, if you join the Webinar, and find that it isn’t worth the $3.99, then I will refund your money. Guaranteed.

$3.99 Medicare ABCs Live Video Webinar
Further information can be found on the official website: https://mym.test

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