So many know so little about Medicare
The list of objections is quite amazing (I could write another book):
a. I am upset, I paid all this money and Medicare doesn’t cover anything….
b. No additional premium? Too good to be true….
c. It’s Obamacare’s fault….
d. It’s big pharma’s fault
e. It’s insurance companies’ fault
f. It’s…oh you get it
Tuning Out? That Doesn’t Work
The issue is that this results in 1) people tuning out the knowledge that is needed to protect their health and retirement savings, and 2) the healthcare system is much worse off because people are not protected, and leave unpaid bills with the healthcare system that must be paid by someone. That is YOU.
Much, Much Better Information Needed
The government and insurance companies are restricted in perverse ways. Government doesn’t explain the parts that Medicare doesn’t cover, it is involved in a “Medicare is great” campaign. Insurance companies are regulated and want to sell their own offerings. Division on Aging and other government-sponsored advocate groups are involved in activities they are entirely unqualified to execute with no liability whatsoever. 
Indiegogo campaign
45 days to raise funds for a) Spanish translation b) Audiobook c) Instructional videos. Written and spoken in plain-spoken English that people can understand. You can listen to my explanations as spoken everywhere on this blog. These messages are valuable to all Medicare beneficiaries, even those that are “all set. Please help me get the valuable information of Maximize Your Medicare to the hands of the many.

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