Amazon’s (Excellent) Matchbook Deal

Amazon Naysayers Are Wrong (Again)
Amazon is allowing U.S. owners of print versions to purchase ebook versions at a discounted price. For Maximize Your Medicare, this will mean that if you own the print version, then you can get the ebook version for $2.99, when the offer goes live. And it gets MUCH BETTER from there.

Maximize Your Medicare‘s Awesome Value
Medicare is changing, every year. I could choose to release a new ebook every single year. You can expect that a new print version is being prepared now. In ebook format, Maximize Your Medicare will simply be updated, automatically, to the most recent version. In a word, that is incredible value. You don’t need to re-buy the ebook when the Medicare cost-sharing details change, or if the mechanics of Medicare change. The ebook will be updated, you will be able to get the update…FREE.

Share the Book With Your Friends and Family
Here is how to take advantage of the situation. When you receive the ebook, you can lend it to a friend, because I have made the book available for lending to people via Amazon. If you have an adult-age child that would like to help, or if you have a friend with a Kindle, then voila! They can borrow the ebook from you. For $2.99, this is a deal, no matter which way you slice it.

This Won’t Last Forever
The ebook format of Maximize Your Medicare will be the best value on the market: that is my commitment to the many readers, and the supporters that the book has received. It will be perpetually updated so that you will always have the latest version, and if the structure of Medicare changes, you will have a subscription of sorts. That said, beginning on October 15, 2013, the price of the ebook will increase to $9.99, equal to the current price of the print format.

Further information can be found on the official website: https://mym.test

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