Monday, December 2, 2013: 7PM EST
If you don’t have the time, you will be sent the recording anyways (I will send it out to all those that purchase the session). The drawback: you won’t be able to send in your questions. I will also be answering questions via Skype during that time.
You May Already Understand Medicare, but….
I promise that someone you know very well doesn’t, like a spouse (!), friend, relative, neighbor. This is not the typical social/financial issue. When your neighbor doesn’t understand Medicare, doesn’t protect him/herself, then YOU will be a payer at some point in time. One reason that healthcare costs challenge the nation: the financial risk to the system is made much worse when people cannot pay their medical bills. This is, in many cases, avoidable. Medicare is the single best value for the money for those that are eligible: the pricing of Obamacare-compliant plans is revealing that very fact. The point? 
Libraries, Colleges, Talk Radio, and More
Maximize Your Medicare is part of library systems throughout the country, but the fact is that some people won’t read a book (sigh). To some degree, I can understand that a verbal explanation is superior. Then, the problem is that it is very difficult to know who to trust, and to know whether that person is motivated for other reasons, or to know if that person is qualified. 
Simple session, you can make your own determination about the information that I will provide, and the information that you can use. One more thing: I won’t be recommending any particular carrier or plan. 
You can click here to see the many places that I have been, and will be, in the coming days and months. There are also links to comments that I have made on talk radio as well. 
Can’t Be Free (Sorry)
There is however, a money-back guarantee. I am pretty certain that you will receive your $2.99’s worth. The reason for the upfront fee: keep out spammers who will do nothing that send out peculiar messages, pictures, and slow down the connection. No one said anything about multiple viewers in the same room, however….
Happy Holidays to Everyone!
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