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If you don’t know where to start, or are too embarrassed to ask, or want to help someone in your life, then start with this free Android app.

Simple as You Like….
You enter your date of birth, and answer some questions about your existing coverage (employee, retiree, married, etc). No personal information stored. Ever.

You get your personalized calendar and your questions answered (even if you didn’t know what to ask)…
Your Medicare Open Enrollment Dates
Is it Annual Election Period?
Can I make changes now?
Personalized Report, based on your answers to simple questions

Who Can Use This? 
The obvious: those that are turning 65, those that don’t know when Medicare begins, those that don’t know when to enroll, those that don’t know what their rights/options are, those that are married with full-time working spouses, those….get it? Pretty much anyone, anytime.
The not-so-obvious: those with senior parents who don’t know how Medicare works, caregivers that need to have background information about Medicare for their patients/clients, those that have employer coverage changed or cancelled, those that pay many hundreds of dollars a month to continue with employer-based retiree plans, those…get it?

a. Many people aren’t asking, when they should be….
b. Many people think they are “stuck,” when they aren’t….
c. Many people want to help their senior parent, but their senior parents can’t / won’t talk about getting older….
d. Many people think they cannot “afford it,” when there are many options available…
e. Many people don’t want to feel “dumb”…Medicare is confusing to almost everyone.
The app is free and you can use it as many times as you want, so that you are on the right path, so that you have an idea about what to consider, so that you can avoid unintended consequences resulting from uninformed choices.

Get it here:
A. Scan this QR code into your Android app (Google Play app):

B. Click here.
Further information can be found on the official website: https://maximizeyourmedicare.com