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Maximize Your Medicare (2016 Ed.) is Available NOW

New premiums, new copays, and now, some new rules. The rules of enrollment are confusing enough. People think that simply knowing the rules is adequate. Nope. Maximize Your Medicare makes the rules clear, and even more importantly, the book explains the implications. It couldn’t be more important, especially when the rules change, as they have…this year.

Implications Have Far-Reaching Consequences

People don’t think through the implications. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes, employers don’t clearly explain the rules. Sometimes, carriers don’t make the information clear enough to make a decision. Sometimes, retirees are simply fatigued from all of the mail, advertisements, and phone calls. Maximize Your Medicare presents real-life situations, called This Happens, which explain the important factors to consider.

The Author is a Nationally-Recognized Medicare Expert

In addition to being a Certified Financial Planner and licensed in insurance matters throughout the nation, with clients in multiple states, Mr. Oh has been read, heard, and seen in locations everywhere. He is an expert contributor to a website powered by Humana, Inc, of the largest Medicare carriers in the U.S. He has been cited in the USA Today, and has been a guest lecturer at libraries, universities and businesses.

Book Availability / Contact

This NEW, 2016 edition of Maximize Your Medicare is available at retailers, wholesale distribution channels, and online. You can find further information online at, and can contact the author directly via email: jae@mym.test.

ISBN 978-0-9967987-0-9, ebook ISBN 978-0-9967987-1-6.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2015960335