Real-Time, Real-Life Event Validates the Book, the Podcast, the Newsletter, the….

Background: the single most popular Medigap plan in Michigan is Plan C called Legacy. It was affordable, it had NO medical underwriting, and its premium did not change through time…until now.
Listeners of the Podcast, readers of the Newsletter, attendees at live seminars are told one thing, in different forms.

The world is unlikely to stay the same, when you add that to the OBVIOUS demographic and fiscal challenges our nation faces, Medicare beneficiaries are likely to be affected, and it is best to stay informed to retain the optimal combination of benefits and costs for now, and for an uncertain future.
The simple version: control what you can to the greatest degree possible.

Not a Medicare Stakeholder? Uhh…
Jae personally gets a bonus, because the impact on this will be so large on the Michigan economy, the rate increases will be approximately $240MM a year, every year, that every person or business that conducts any commercial transaction with these 200,000 people are likely to be affected.

That, my friends, is the point of the 2nd book, Medicare Mayhem.
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