Obamacare Had a Week Week: Does It Matter?

Aetna announced its plans to withdraw entirely from health exchanges for pre-Medicare applicants. Does this really matter? Well, given the fact that that Medicare was the very reason for attempting to merge with Humana, another large Medicare plan provider, the answer must be yes.

The podcast clears up some commonly-held, wrongly-placed beliefs.

Bottom line: this is business, and not politics, by the carrier. Those attempting to mix the two? They probably are misusing the data to try to prove a point that has nothing to do with financial facts. People attempt to take credit where none is due, and assign blame where it doesn’t belong.

And again, healthcare is not health insurance. Healthcare policy is definitely not health insurance. Aetna, Humana, et al are health insurance providers, not healthcare providers and not healthcare policy decision-makers.

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