Watch the trailer and read what a retired hospital CEO & CFO says about the book:

Here are the “highlights” of the proposed changes to Medicare.

  • Block grants for Medicaid
  • Part D discount doesn’t count for your Part D Coverage Gap calculation
  • Lower CMS rates to hospitals

The practical reality is that it will be very difficult to pass these. The implications of the proposals are meaningful.

  • Fiscal and demographic pressure exists on the CMS
  • Part D discount not counting will make it more important to check your Part D or MAPD every year

While this is going to look like a political fight, these two bullet points exist irrespective of “red state” or “blue state,” or whatever other name-calling you will see in the future.  While “anything can happen” is a convenient phrase, these bullets points are not that. They are known, what we have always known, and that people don’t understand the implications. Enter a certain book on Medicare matters.