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Medicare 2021 Previews

I have seen Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans for 2021. My preview videos are posted on the YouTube Channel.  

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COVID-19 and Medical Identity Fraud

COVID-19 and Medical Identity Fraud COVID-19 is affecting the Medicare population, with people greater than 60 years old representing a significant high-risk category. With the public health concern...

Big Deal, Little Deal, No Deal

Big Deal, Little Deal, No Deal

Little Deal: Trump Signs Executive Orders On Drug Prices This affects prescriptions covered by Part B, not Part D. So while this is something, the scope of this is limited. There are other...

Pre-Authorizations & Original Medicare

Pre-Authorizations & Original Medicare

For pre-Medicare health insurance policyowners, pre-authorizations by an insurance carrier, prior to many healthcare services, is a standard practice. In many cases, pre-authorizations can be...

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