Get Expert Medicare Guidance

Why You Need Expert Guidance

Lots of Rules

Medicare rules are confusing, yes.
Enrollment periods, permanent late enrollment penalties, some of what you may have heard is true.
We’ll keep your head above water, so that you don’t drown in the details.

So Many Choices

There are going to be 30+ Medicare Advantage plans, 30+ Part D plans, and 20+ Medigap carriers in most locations.
Some locations have extra rights and options to enroll or change Medigap plans. You cannot simply call your friend, located in another state or county, to compare notes, because the same plans may not exist, the same prices may not exist.


START EARLY. You gain nothing by delaying.

You don’t get extra benefits, you don’t get better prices. You are inviting extra stress due to the fact there are other parties (government, carriers) involved.

DON’T DO IT YOURSELF. The public doesn’t get complete access to the best prices easily. There are nuances in the benefits that you may not recognize. And, if there is a problem, I will navigate, shepherd you to a resolution.

About Me

I am a Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Life Underwriter, Charter Financial Consultant, and have spent many years on three continents, in global financial markets.
I am the author of Maximize Your Medicare (Allworth Press).  nationally-recognized Medicare expert, and many have seen my presentations and received my expert counsel. Some of those groups include the State Bar of Michigan,, the Alliance for Lifetime Income, and

GH2 Benefits LLC is an insurance brokerage and financial planning firm, based in Ann Arbor MI, with clients nationwide. 

Here’s what the head of American College (which provides the advanced credentials to insurance agents) said about Maximize Your Medicare. We will provide a cohesive, integrated approach to benefit not only you, but those around you.


What I Will Do

Listen first

Your household situation, your health issues, your financial condition.

I’ll get to know your priorities, I will have full command of the options and timelines that fit your situation.

Explain the options until you are comfortable

It can take an hour, it can take 10 hours, doesn’t matter.

You can ask me anything, and I will let you know if you should’ve asked me something that you have missed.

Guide you across the finish line

Sometimes, there are unforeseen situations, like red tape gets in the way.

After enrollment, you can also continue to ask anything, and we can revisit the options so that you get the most for your money.

What Clients Say

David F.

“Jae has been priceless in his assistance he has provided both myself and my wife and daughter. I am transitioning to Medicare in September. My wife won’t be 65 until September of 22. I would have simply gone mad without his assistance. Call him sooner, not later.”

Bill H.

GH2 has been incredibly helpful for my wife and I to navigate the Medicare maze. Jae has helped us understand the various plans, help determine an appropriate “fit” for our needs, while always available with timely responses to our many questions.
Now after our first year of coverage, we’re so pleased we leveraged GH2. All services and cost were in line with what Jae discussed and it gives us confidence in our decisions having his support. Medicare insurance is likely the most important decisions we at 65 and above must make, glad Jae was recommended to us!

Mary D.

GH2Benefits, LLC has always given me good advice when it comes to enrolling in a Medicare Plan. I look to Jae Oh for advice each year during the time period of Medicare change. He does all the research, gives me several choices and I pick the one that best suites me. I recommend GH2 to everyone.

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