Your Most Important Retirement Decision

While there are many elements to retirement, the most important is Medicare.
The rules are confusing, yes. The options are almost entirely in your favor, if you understand the rules very well. A solution can be found for every budget. The benefits can save thousands of dollars. Errors can be costly, and difficult to undo.

Protecting our health at the lowest possible cost isn’t simply a part of retirement, it’s vital. The cornerstone of that? Medicare.

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Doing It Yourself Isn’t Easy

Avoiding Errors and Getting the Most You Can is My Job
Getting the most from Medicare requires knowledge of the options, the timing, and your priorities. One size cannot fit all: there are 60 MILLION people enrolled in Medicare. 

The problem is that even if you enroll in Medicare correctly, the work isn’t over yet. 
Medicare is a very good chassis (if we compare to a car), but it isn’t complete. Finding the right configuration will depend on a long list of things: your location, your age, your health situation, your financial situation.

Even If You Understand the Options, There’s More
There is red tape involved. People have to deal with contacting insurance companies or the government, but they both may speak a language that you don’t understand, and miscommunication can easily occur.

Getting the best price requires knowledge and access to the prices (they cannot be easily found online, just try it).

Then, after you have been enrolled, there can be administrative and billing issues. And finally, plans change every year, and not examining the new plans can cost you 100s of dollars a year, if not more.

Nationally-recognized Expert

My Quotes Can Be Found Everywhere
Here’s a short list:

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My Clients Live Everywhere and Face Every Situation
From Florida to Hawaii, from New York to Arizona. Medicare is elegant in that the same rights and options that you have in Hawaii are the same as if you live in Missouri.
In fact, some states have special, expanded rights, which provide an even wider set of options than the standard set by federal rules. If you know what they are, and where to look.

That’s my role: get you the best coverage, at the best overall cost. There is no other standard.

Your First Call is Free

Simple Version: Free
I will provide guidance to:

  • Enroll in Medicare
  • Educate you on whether or not Medicare Advantage or Medigap is the superior option
  • Assist in Enrollment to make sure everything goes smoothly
  • If something occurs while enrolled, your first call is me, and I will answer within 24 hours.

Complicated Version: One-time Fee
There are times that it will take a large number of hours for me to understand your specific situation, that your combination of facts requires research and conversations. For that, there is a one-time fee, but I will always propose this in advance (and you can say no, I won’t feel bad).

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