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Information and insight on financial topics.
The sole motivation is that you receive the information you need to make decisions, and to know when you need assistance.
The media, and quotes by experts (me included) in the press are inherently limited for a long list of reasons and motivations. Not here.

Less than $2 a month

Less than $2 a month.

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Financial Fluency

Financial fluency is not hard to attain. However, you must distinguish between the signal and the noise. Once you have it, you will be able to adapt to an ever-changing world.

range of topics

The reason that a wide range of topics is important is that they are INTER-RELATED. What may work in one instance may be totally different in another. A full set of examples and topics is required.

Money Demystified

It is not important to be able to calculate results, because there are calculators for that.

It is the INTUITION and the RATIONALE that GH2 Unfiltered brings, and it is vital.


No one has a monopoly on distorting or omitting vital facts.

GH2 Unfiltered will point out distortions, misconceptions which are making our lives unnecessarily difficult.

free samples

free book for first-time subscribers

Shipping included in the lower 48 United States, first-time subscribers will receive a free copy of Maximize Your Medicare (2020-2021 Edition).
Medicare is the easiest and most important example of the way that financial topics are considered.

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Jae Oh

Certified Financial Planner, Author

I am just a guy.
There is a simple agenda: make sure people actually understand what they are doing, the choices they are making, understand the actual risks they are accepting. From there, it’s not my place to instill values or priorities: they are yours and your alone.

From that point, the outcomes may be random due to the unknown, but if we have done our job, then you won’t be surprised at the financial outcomes.

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