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Worry-Free Medicare

We will answer every question until it is crystal clear. For some, that can be just a couple of questions. For others, it can be many. It will not matter to us, we will only be satisfied when you are comfortable with your options, and then your selection.

After you apply, we’ll make sure everything is in place. If anything unexpected occurs, then your first call is to us, and we will assist in navigating you. 

We will not call, we will not share your private information with any other party, for any reason (unless required by regulatory authorities, which has never occurred).


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What Clients Say

We will do everything we can to make sure that you understand Medicare, what it is, what it isn’t, and that you understand the benefits correctly.

And then we’ll keep doing it, year after year.

What We Will Do For You

Share your struggles

Your household situation, your health issues, your financial condition. I’ll get to know your priorities, I will have full command of the options and timelines that fit your situation.

Give you options

It can take an hour, it can take 10 hours, doesn’t matter. You can ask me anything, and I will let you know if you should’ve asked me something that you have missed.

Guide you to the finish line

Sometimes, there are unforeseen situations, like red tape gets in the way. After enrollment, you can also continue to ask anything, and we can revisit the options so that you get the most for your money.


Jae W, Oh, CFP

Jae Oh is the published author of Maximize Your Medicare (Allworth, 2022), a Certified Financial Planner™, lead contributor to openmedicare.com, and an Education Fellow at the Alliance For Lifetime Income. 

For a decade, he has been a contributor to the personal finance audience, aimed at both consumer and professional groups, on local and national levels. He has spoken in public, in person and in the media, to a diverse audience, ranging from local libraries, the Institute For Wealth & Investments, to the State Bar Of Michigan Elder Law & Disability Section..

He is the founder of GH2 Benefits. GH2 Benefits is a comprehensive financial planning firm with clients nationwide.

Mr. Oh is a graduate of the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), and the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business (Booth).

"Professionally, i advise clients about their rights under the various medicare programs. even with all of this knowledge and experience, when it came time to straighten out coverages for my mother, i thankfully turned to jae. his practical expertise understanding the system and how to effectively navigate it is unparalleled.”