There are three ways that one can get accepted into Medigap without medical underwriting…

a. Medigap Open Enrollment. Turning 65, and those that do not have Part B yet. You are safe.
b. Medigap Guaranteed Issue. Situations occur (SEPs) which allow acceptance into Medigap Plans A,B,C, F,K, L. This is powerful, but will lose its effective power at the end of 2019.
c. Guaranteed acceptance. Entirely depending on the combination of state and carrier, there are some (NOT all) carriers that will allow you to cancel existing group coverage, and enroll in Medigap. This is entirely elective by the carrier and the state, both.

See point b? Look at the subset of plans, it is not all of the Medigap plans. Notably absent are Plans G and N, two of the most popular Medigap plans. Plan F is included in that listed subset, but will be closed at the end of 2019 for new enrollees. That effectively reduces / eliminates the power of point b. It’s an emergency. I have known this and this set of statements have sat in the depths of statements of this Newsletter, for years. Now, it’s the bottom of the 7th inning.

The full explanation, and the background to the timebomb (existing retiree plans weakening, layoffs within GM white collar ranks are obvious examples) are explained in GH2 Unfiltered. The information and explanation are too subtle, too delicate to be mishandled by readers of a public newsletter.