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The Basics

Get the basics right, and it reduces the likelihood that you will be distracted or confused by the jargon and distortions inherent in financial language.


Insurance of all sorts (health, life, long-term care, dental/vision). Our comments on how to actually tell what is what.


For a long list of reasons, it gets no better than Medicare, as long as you know what you are actually doing.

Medicare ABCs

The Medicare ABCs Masterclass

Financial Markets

Stocks get all the headlines but the reality is that the topics that dominate global financial markets are not really the items that you find in the newspaper or on TV.


Miles’ Law: Where you stand depends on where you sit. Too often, our fragmented society doesn’t give other points of view any credibility. No wonder we can’t agree on anything.

Databank & Whitepapers

If you think that the observations made are invented out of thin air, there is always evidence. If you seek something, please ask!

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