Chrissy O
Verified Buyer
Maximize Your Medicare is a must have book! Jae Oh navigates the reader through the maze of medicare (details, nuances, annual changes, penalties) to a position that enables you to maximize your medicare. Two points underscore the need for guidance.

One: you are in the drivers seat determining coverage and you need a road map! Secondly, Medicare is NOT once and done. Options, coverage, plan changes, cost of plans can change annually.I was still working when I signed up for Medicare. I attended a seminar offered by Jae on Medicare.

With Jae's guidance, I was able to get off my employers health plan, thereby saving my employer and myself a significant amount of money and I received a check from my employer to cover the cost of my medigap plan.Jae Oh is a font of detailed information on Medicare that can ease the pain of navigating Medicare. Medicare should send this book out as their handbook!

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