Don Pisto
Verified Buyer
I didn’t buy this book for pleasure, and I wouldn’t label it an entertaining read but what I do consider it is a necessary read.

I’m so thankful that I found this book and put the time into reading it. Before buying, a didn’t know the difference between plan A and plan K. I was literally at ground zero. I needed to learn quickly though for my wife because we have a life changing event that gives her the opportunity to make big changes to her Medicare choices. I’m so glad for reading. Now I am comfortable conversing with agents and navigating all the literature.

Initially while reading, I admit I got a little annoyed with the many may or may not exceptions but I understand why it was written the way it was. Mr. Oh is explaining a super complicated topic in just a few pages and it’s amazing how well he did because I feel comfortable with knowledge to make smart choices.

I highly recommend this book. There’s no sales pitches, no politics, just right to the point and explained very well. Especially the mistakes to avoid. I read it twice and keep it nearby for reference. For those about to become eligible for Medicare, or those looking to get a good understanding of the basics, you can’t go wrong with this book and that’s why I consider required reading.

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