Special Guest: Pianist Kevin Cole
Kevin Cole has been described in The Chicago Tribune as the “country’s greatest living Gershwin pianist,” and his first album, released in November 2020, has been described as “revelatory,” and “…you don’t have to be familiar with every note of the Concerto in F to appreciate the power and stature of this recording, which can be considered as close to Gershwin’s intention as is possible at this late date.” That is very high praise, indeed.
(“A revelatory new recording of Gershwin’s landmark Concerto in F” By HOWARD REICH, CHICAGO TRIBUNE NOV 18, 2020): link
We discuss: a. How he started, how he got discovered,
b. How he met the Gershwin family (!), 
c. Playing at Carnegie Hall, 
d. Recovering from a brain tumor, and 
e. What’s next.
Link to the album: https://amzn.to/37o0mt
Kevin’s contact email: manager.kevincole@gmail.com
#piano #Gershwin #Naxos
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Special Guest: Kevin Cole, Noted Gershwin Pianist

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