Important Note: Video is the way that people believe that they can learn about many things, including Medicare.

The YouTube Channel is Maximize Your Medicare by Jae Oh. Subscribe to the Channel HERE

This doesn’t mean that it is a replacement for the book. A large problem is that fragments of information, without an overall understanding or approach, leaves holes, which can lead to errors.

What Clients Say

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Jae has been priceless in his assistance he has provided both myself and my wife and daughter. I am transitioning to Medicare in September. My wife won’t be 65 until September of 22. I would have simply gone mad without his assistance. Call him sooner, not later.

David F.

Jae breaks through the madness of bureaucracy and is committed to helping clients make sound and wise choices based on years of study and serving as a trusted financial planner. His books are concise and compelling.

Laurence Barton

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