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Medicare is Vital…and Misunderstood

Written by a nationally-recognized Medicare and financial expert. Maximize Your Medicare provides analysis and advice you can use in plain-spoken English with NEW, UPDATED 2017 premiums, and cost-sharing details. “Permanent doc fix” changes, “hold harmless” changes, “two-midnight rule,” and real-life situations, called “This Happens.”

The Rules Are NOT Enough

There are confusing dates and enrollment rules. People think that the task ends there. Wrong, woefully wrong. People think they need to address it once and that the task ends there. Wrong, woefully wrong. The reason is that Medicare already has 57 MILLION current Medicare enrollees, and 10,0000 turn 65 years old EVERY DAY. Physicians, hospitals, caregivers, laboratories, insurance carriers are required to adjust their practices due to this weight. The one in the middle of this complicated crossfire? You.

Real-life examples

These examples are called “This Happens.” They highlight the choices and misunderstandings that Medicare-eligible encounter, and consequences when someone doesn’t carefully consider the choices they face.
Maximize Your Medicare points out pitfalls to avoid. there is an enormous amount of advice and advertisements regarding Medicare. Maximize Your Medicare points out what is treasure, and what trouble to avoid. Maximize Your Medicare is written so that everyone can understand, and for one simple reason: facts are not answers.

Maximize Your Medicare helps you choose

The book offers tips on how to get extra benefits and shows you benefits that you may not have known existed. In addition, there are sections which describe some specific groups of beneficiaries, from veterans to governmental employees to the seriously ill. Special attention is devoted to those that are part of employer-sponsored group plans.
Given the rapid changes to retiree healthcare benefits, it means that those who believed that they were “all set,” will be required to learn the new language of Medicare.