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People are frequently confused and fearful of penalties, and the many rules involved when it comes to Medicare.
However, if correctly understood, Medicare can provide the best protection of both your health and financial assets. While people are concerned about healthcare costs as they age, you can find a Medicare solution to fit your budget, and limit healthcare costs, which will allow you to age gracefully. 
Maximize Your Medicare will provide a framework of understanding Medicare, and other related, financial topics for those who approach their Medicare-eligibility age.

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"This book is one of a kind because it provides a practical strategy, a practical approach of how to think about how Medicare works today, and how it can affect a retirement plan in the future.”
-Robert Powell, Retirement Daily, thestreet.com

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It's vital to have a cohesive approach, and not be overwhelmed by the noise. The information provided in advertisements, commercials, government-provided documents are incomplete. A coherent, coordinated understanding is required to get the most from Medicare.

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“Anyone who follows the advice and guidance provided will not only find their way to an optimal Medicare coverage to meet their needs, but will also enjoy the added health benefit of reducing the stress related to the cost of accessing health care.”

– Sanford J. Mall, JD, elder law attorney, VA accredited attorney, and member of the Council of Advanced Practitioners and National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys

Vital Medicare Info: Forms, Links & More

Maximize Your Medicare meets your most important need: a Medicare strategy. Medicare has many moving parts. Making the decision to enroll, and when, under different household, financial, and health situations is not easy.
Fragmented pieces of advice, or singular stories, while helpful, can result in an incomplete picture.


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Mr. Oh is a Certified Financial Planner, speaker, and nationally-recognized Medicare expert, quoted nationwide.

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